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At Hydraulic Manifolds Australia, custom design and manufacture is a vital part of our business.

Every aspect of our equipment, software and ISO 9001:2008 certified management system is geared to ensure that we capture your requirements with 100% accuracy each and every time - with the end result of delivering manifolds of consistently high quality and functional integrity.  This is supported by end-to-end quality assurance processes that encompass every stage of the process - from initial design through to manufacture and final packaging.

In addition, our production processes are engineered to give you complete visibility of the progress of your order – and our "on time, every time" delivery performance.

Expert technical support
Many of our customers have found Hydraulic Manifolds Australia's design team to be a valuable technical resource in planning their systems.  We invite you to put them to the test with your next design.

Design documents

The following documents (in PDF format) are provided to make it as easy and reliable as possible for you to supply design information to Hydraulic Manifolds Australia:

Design Specification Sheet
Manifold Design Layout

Protecting your intellectual property
We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our customers over more than 20 years, including hydraulic resellers, OEMs and end users.  As a consequence of working with such a diverse clientele, Hydraulic Manifolds Australia has a keen understanding of the value of your designs.

As a business involved solely in the design and manufacture of manifolds, we offer our customers an iron-clad assurance of the total confidentiality of all design information supplied to us.

"I need it yesterday"
Even with meticulous planning, one day you're bound to be affected by "unforeseen circumstances" and need a manifold urgently.

As well as holding hundreds of catalogue items in stock at all times, our FastTrack© order system means that we can turn around most unstocked catalogue or custom design items surprisingly quickly.




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